Art Handling

Custom Art Crates and Transport

Whether it is coming and going from the auction house, an exhibition or newly purchased for the home, artworks in transport can be vulnerable to damage due to poor handling by untrained handlers, bad weather, rough roads, and poor storage – but accidents are preventable.

Toronto Art Restoration - Art Handling ServicesToronto Art Restoration Inc. constructs customized art crates and efficiently transports artwork. Our trained personnel, trucks and storage areas are specially equipped and secure for artwork transfers. Our specialists, combined with art handling tools and equipment, make up a team of people whose skills surpass those of regular movers.

Before packing, Toronto Art Restoration Inc. will address the artwork’s specific shipping needs, as well as perform an overall general state of conservation assessment to ensure the artwork is in stable enough condition to travel. Each piece of artwork is unique, and thus requires a customized strategy. If artwork is being shipped to a warmer or colder environment (with drastically different relative humidity levels), Toronto Art Restoration Inc. will use suitable isolating packing materials. As well, we will properly introduce the artwork gradually into its new environment in staging containers, until it reaches optimal RH equilibrium.

A custom art crate is a protective environment, designed to streamline transit from one location to another and to provide the ultimate safety for the piece. Toronto Art Restoration Inc. crates and packages provide a barrier from water (rain, snow, condensation), soil, and shock (low-level vibration as well as a high-impact blow).

When Toronto Art Restoration Inc. is responsible for delivering artwork we oversee the entire shipment from beginning to end. We do so in order to guarantee the artwork is in good condition while in the care of the sender, handed off to the receiver only after properly inspected and signing off.

Display Design and Installation

A gallery display room or area of the home should both highlight the artwork and give the viewer a distinct experience. The proper display of artwork will pull attention to its beauty and significance. Toronto Art Restoration Inc. specialists work closely with clients to balance the aesthetic qualities of the environment and art with technical approaches to protective lighting, hanging, security and conservation safeguards. Our team is trained in advanced handling techniques and streamlined operations to mitigate unnecessary risk.

Toronto Art Restoration - Art Handling ServicesLighting must be addressed. Although sunlight is the most beautiful light to view your masterpiece, its IR AND UV rays are harmful to your artwork. Our custom lighting designs use pure-white fiber-optic light with absolute control over aim, focus and intensity. This lighting produces a full, balanced color spectrum very close to that of sunlight, but with no UV or IR rays. The result is the ability to see the artwork in its full potential beauty. Colours which have been concealed before are illuminated. To protect your art collection pure-white fiber-optic lights slows fading and damage of art objects. Both laboratory and museum testing have proven that lighting systems with no UV or IR extend the exhibit life a minimum of 3 to 5 times.

In addition to this, the heat and cold which fluctuate near windows can be very damaging to your work. This is not to say that all windows should be avoided; it simply means that Toronto Art Restoration Inc. will take them into consideration when finding the best place to highlight your artwork.

If so desired, Toronto Art Restoration Inc. will assess your home for secure and insulated walls to place your artwork to protect its state of conservation and safety. Room usage and temperature control will be considered with the client, as well as decor, color spectrum and aesthetic particulars, in order to effectively situate your artwork where it may bring the personality of a room to life.

violin display cases

Pedestals & Vitrines

A quality art display can add a finishing touch to make your work of art look professional and sophisticated. Toronto Art Restoration Inc. designs and fabricates museum quality casework to aesthetically enhance, protect, and safely display your valuable objects. Available in a variety of finishes, our custom products include plinths, pedestals, acrylic display cases, locking exhibit cases, climate-controlled conservation cases, display tables and shelves.