Conservation Services

The conservation treatments of Toronto Art Restoration Inc. work to maintain the quality of an artist’s work – protecting or preventing injury, decay, or loss. Toronto Art Restoration Inc. scientists examine the art collection, document changes, establish the causes of deterioration, establish methods of preventive care and perform minimal treatment.

  • Protection against artificial and natural light
  • Stabilization of temperature and humidity
  • Elimination of pollutants in the collection environment
  • Fungi prevention and treatment
  • Insect and pest control
  • Fire breakout prevention and procedure
  • Theft protection
  • Insurance coverage
  • Cataloging and documentation services
scientist conducting research with microscope

Bi-annual Art Collection Cleaning

Because our art restorers are so often repairing damaged artwork caused by accidental house cleaning incidence, Toronto Art Restoration Inc. has taken a pro-active approach to solve the problem. We preform bi-annual general art cleanings of entire home collections.

 Over the seasons artwork in your home accumulates dust and pollutants. These foreign materials accelerate your artworks rate of decay, so it is best to eliminate the source of the problem regularly. A team of careful and trained art conservators will come to your home to rid your paintings of dust from the front and the back and polish or dust your sculptures back to their original splendor.