Restoration Services

Getting artwork “restored” can mean many things. As soon as the artwork is created it begins to age. The natural aging of the materials alone, in addition to the accumulation of annual grime, requires the attention of a trained conservator. Even if artwork is cared for and displayed properly, it may yet fall victim to destructive events such as a flood or fire, the spill of red wine or a misplaced elbow. Restoration is an intervention into the natural aging process and destructive events, an attempt to turn back the clock – at least for the artwork’s visual appearance.

Painting Restoration

Painting Restoration

  • Cleaning and re-varnishing
  • Re-touching areas of chipped, scratched or worn away paint
  • Patching holes, tears or punctures
  • Flattening dents, warping and sagging of canvas
  • Re-lining of canvases
  • Lessening the effects of water damage
  • Protecting against mold and mildew
  • Stabilizing wood panels and canvas stretchers
Indian sculpture cleaning

Sculpture Restoration

Toronto Art Restoration restores all types of sculptures including painted or natural plaster, wood, stone or metal; indoor or out; large-scale or small.

  • Cleaning and mold reduction
  • Joining fractures
  • Re-touching areas of chipped or worn away paint
  • Filling/ re-sculpting/re-carving missing areas
  • Material consolidation
  • Reinforcing armature
  • Creating new supports for the sculpture (stand or plinth)

Architectural Arts and Mural Restoration

Toronto Art Restoration restores all types of murals including fresco, secco, oil or acrylic on any surface whether it may be on the ceiling or several stories high. In addition, we preserve architectural elements such as intricate moldings, wood finishes and gilded surfaces.

  • Cleaning
  • Re-adhering flakes and chipped paint
  • Replacing areas of missing wall, paint and gilding
  • Wood, stone, plaster refinishing
  • Stabilizing the mural from pollutants and salt damage
  • Grouting intervention
  • Surface consolidation
  • Repairing or restructuring the infrastructure to prevent further deterioration
  • If necessary, we may be able to remove your mural from the wall, transferring it to a different location or support (Strappo).
paper preservation

Works on Paper

  • Cleaning
  • De-acidifying
  • De-foxing
  • Patching
  • Pressing
  • Mold treatment
  • Archival mounting
  • Colour re-touching
  • Removal of backings, mats, tape and labels