Restoration Services

Painting Restoration



Texturize and Re-touching areas of loss, chipped, scratched or worn away paint

Patching holes, tears, cuts or punctures

Flattening dents, warping and sagging of canvas

Re-lining of canvases

Lessening the effects of water damage

Mold and mildew removal

Stabilizing wood panels and canvas stretchers

Indian sculpture cleaning

Sculpture Restoration

Toronto Art Restoration restores all types of sculptures including painted or natural plaster, wood, stone or metal; indoor or out; large-scale or small.

Cleaning and mold reduction

Joining fractures

Re-touching areas of chipped or worn away paint

Filling/ re-sculpting/re-carving missing areas

Material consolidation

Reinforcing armature

Creating new supports for the sculpture (stand or plinth)

paper preservation

Works on Paper






Mold treatment

Archival mounting and Framing

Colour re-touching

Removal of backings, mats, tape and labels



Architectural Arts – Mural, Plaster, Wood, and Stone


Toronto Art Restoration restores all types of murals including fresco, secco, oil or acrylic on any surface whether it may be on the ceiling or several stories high. In addition, we preserve architectural elements such as intricate moldings, wood finishes, and gilded surfaces.

Cleaning – soot, contaminants and varnish removal

Re-adhering flakes and chipped paint

Plastering and Inpainting


Wood, stone, plaster refinishing and re-creation

Stabilizing mural from pollutants and salt damage

Repairing and stabilizing the building to prevent further deterioration

Mural Removal

Careful paint trimming around decorative elements



Cleaning stone and metal with a laser, solvents, steam, C02 blasting, or mechanical means. 

Cleaning painted surfaces with solvent and aqueous solution with chelators and surfactants 

Stone repair by consolidation, dutchmans or fills

Metal re-welding or additional supports


Graffiti or stain removal

Starch or dent restoration

In-painting and patinization intigration

Surface refinishing/painting

Metal hot-dip galvanization

Fabrication and installation