Consulting, Assessments and Appraisal

Our conservators have expert knowledge in the composition and degradation processes of artist materials and artworks. Based on visual observation, they can assess the state of preservation of artworks and identify condition issues which can be remediated through preventive conservation measures or by conservation treatments.

Our certified appraiser can carry out independent research and analysis utilizing Canadian and international auction and retail records. Using this market data comparison approach allows to generate a Fair Market Value of an artwork.


This is the simplest assessment performed to judge whether or not an artwork is in need of restoration or conservation services, further diagnostic or collection environment alterations and safeguards. Insurance companies often use these document results. The assessment is performed using visual and UV-assisted analysis and digital microscopy.

As needed, further diagnostics and chemical analysis can be performed to help conservators identify pigments and other materials used, the presence of previous restorations and to provide other information to develop restoration and conservation strategies unique for the artwork.


The potential market value of works of art (a financial rather than aesthetic concern) can be assessed by comparing data from multiple sources: art auction records; private, museum and corporate collections; curators and art dealers activities; a state of conservation assessment; and specialized market analysts.

We perform art valuation not only for collection, investment, and financing purposes, but as part of estate valuations, for charitable contributions, tax planning, insurance and loan collateral purposes


This assessment is used to determine the historical origins of the artwork, materials used by the artist, his/her techniques and signature identification.