Before and After Images

Lawren Harris, “The Cabin” (1885–1970) Oil on Canvas Study

This beautiful study of Canadian nature by Lawren Harris was cleaned and consolidated before losses were compensated with gypsum plaster and attentively in-painted by conservators at Toronto Art Restoration Inc. A protective varnish with an appropriate sheen and a new frame completed the treatment. The colours are absolutely stunning!

Maurice Cullen (1866–1934) Oil on Canvas

Three severe cuts inflicted to this painting were repaired and made inconspicuous by a full re-lining, textured fills and skillful retouching.

W. Webb, Oil on Canvas, painted 1893

This painting was covered with a heavily soiled, discolored and brittle natural varnish. Fortunately, it was possible to completely remove it to reveal the bright colours used by the artist, which remained protected underneath. Our conservators re-varnished the painting with a UV stable conservation varnish, saturating the colours further and protecting it into the future.

Deep Blue Sea, Oil on Canvas, by Zubeida Agha (Pakistan)

When received, the paint layers on this modern work were very delicate as a result of the rapid fluctuations in relative humidity and high temperature it experienced in Pakistan. The conservation process accounted for this extensive flaking by involving a consolidation step before removing grime and discolored retouching found from the surface.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) Ink on Paper

As a consequence of harsh past restoration treatments and ageing, the print displayed uneven discoloration and visible retouching on its surface as well as a weakened and damaged paper support.
Our paper conservator reversed the previously applied in-painting media and reduced the discoloration and stains caused by acidity and oxidation. After re-lining and minor retouching to the paper support and black ink lines, the appearance and stability of the work had significantly improved.

Frederick B. Taylor. (1906-1987) Oil on Canvas

This beautiful painting was stored in a damp basement for decades before being brought to Toronto Art Restoration Inc. It was gently cleaned, consolidated and losses in the image were in-filled and in-painted to allow the painting to be viewed as a whole again.

Historical Interior, St. Volodymyr’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (Toronto, 1948)

In this unique church, our team conserved over 4000 sq ft of heritage mural with a focus on the repair and restoration of plaster and original murals damaged during a water incident.

Station of the Cross, Oil and Gilt on Metal

This station of the cross was salvaged by the client from near total ruin. It was taken from a muddy wet environment into the Toronto Art Restoration studio for a full overhaul. Beyond the encrusted mud that was removed, the oxidized metal support was treated, the surface was cleaned and consolidated, and missing gilded and painted areas were restored.


Joseph Thors (1835-1900) Encaustic Wax Painting

This painting received extensive conservation at the hands of our conservators. The canvas was flattened before proceeding to repair tears, consolidate and visually integrate the painted surface, and line the canvas using Beva adhesive. An elegant custom frame was created by Alison Behrend at Tangle Gallery.


Altarpiece. Massey College Chapel, Toronto

The damaged paint on this portable wooden altarpiece was re-adhered and stabilized and areas of loss were in-filled and in-painted to unify the imagery.

Mural of The Madonna with Cherubs, Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, Toronto

To restore this large mural, it was necessary to remove the shellac varnish before consolidating the support, filling losses with gypsum plaster and in-painting the lost elements. A stable varnish coat of appropriate sheen completed the treatment. Restoration directed by Carlos Nunes and assisted by Christina Abreu and Alicia Coutts for FPDR Ltd.

St. Bernadette, Marble Sculpture. Our Lady of Lourdes, Toronto

Oil paint and mold stains were carefully removed from this marble sculpture found in the garden of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Toronto.


Wooden Angel Sculpture

The forearm was reattached to the wooden sculpture, plastered and in-painted to conceal the break.


Sand stone sculpture of the Hindu God Kali

Transported from a garden in India, this sandstone sculpture was cleaned of dirt, mold and stains and consolidated. The right hand was re-created, tinted and texturized to blend naturally into the surrounding stone.  A custom natural stone base was created for the icon to sit upon, ensuring stability and elevating its importance as a sacred object.

Archdiocese of Toronto Coat of Arms, Painted Metal Shield

At the request of the client, the failing paint was removed and the shield was re-painted by hand with fresh colours. To insure proper adhesion, the aluminum surface was sanded and primed with zinc chromate before painting.

English Landscape, Oil on Canvas

This painting was saved from near total loss by our conservators. After flattening the canvas, tears were mended and losses compensated with gypsum plaster, followed by skillful in-painting to unify the image. A UV stable varnish was applied to complete the treatment.


17th Century Portrait of a Woman

This portrait was refreshed through cleaning, stabilization of fragile paint and in-painting. A UV stable varnish with an appropriate sheen was applied at the end of the treatment to re-saturate the colours and provide protection.


Sisters in a Meadow, Oil on Canvas

This image demonstrates how a painting looks like in our studio mid-way through the cleaning process. This artwork decorated the wall of a longstanding Toronto pub for years. To protect it from the bustling environment, a heavy coat of shellac was applied. After turning yellow over the years, it was time for Toronto Art Restoration Inc. to uncover its true and brilliant beauty.