All our interventions are conducted following the Code of Ethics and Guidance for Practice of the Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC-ACCR).


Exposed to the weather and the urban environments, publicly accessible works of are prone to develop condition issues which we can address via the following treatment:

Cleaning of metals and stone with pressurized water and detergents, steam and/or solvents.

Cleaning of painted surfaces with solvents and aqueous solutions including chelators and surfactants.

Sophisticated techniques such as laser cleaning or dry ice blasting to remove graffiti and tenacious stains.

Stone repair in the form of consolidation, re-caulking and fills.

Metal surface treatments: polishing, repatination, hot-dip galvanization, waxing and in-painting.

Metal repairs: removal of physical damage, re-welding, creation of additional support


Toronto Art Restoration restores all types of murals including fresco, secco, oil and acrylic on any surface, at any height. We also treat and can replace architectural elements such as intricate moldings, wood finishes, and gilded surfaces. Specifically we can:

Clean soot and other accumulations of contaminants

Remove and replace aged discolour varnishes

Consolidate substrates and re-adhere delaminating and flaking paint

Recreate lost elements through plastering and skillful in-painting

Restore finishes on wood, stone and gilded surfaces

Assist in the protection, uncovering and removal of murals


Toronto Art Restoration Inc. can perform the following treatments on historic, modern and contemporary paintings executed on any supports to stabilize the materials and return the composition closer to its intended appearance:

Surface cleaning of accumulated soiling and grime

Remediation of water and fire damage, mold and mildew

Removal and replacement of aged, discoloured varnishes

Consolidation and re-adhesion of delaminating and flaking paint

Correction of deformations and re-lining of canvases

Repair of physical damage and compensation of losses due to tears, cuts or punctures

Visual reintegration through in-painting with reversible materials

Stabilization and repair of wooden panel supports and stretchers

Frame restoration and custom framing


Plastics and Synthetic Materials, Mixed Media, Electronic Art, Complex Art Installations, Kinetic art, Conceptual Art, Performance Art, Time-Based Media, Light Art, Large-scale Outdoor Sculptures, Ready-Made Artworks.

Toronto Art Restoration Inc. has a specialized division and study for the conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art led by conservator Sjoukje van der Laan who holds both a Master’s degree and a Professional Doctorate in this field.

The conservation of contemporary art brings its own unique challenges. Since the mid-1900’s artists have begun to experiment with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and functions of art, rejecting traditionally accepted forms.

Everything from electronics, light, video and movement to synthetic plastics, metals, wood and salvaged junk is incorporated into new artforms. Because of the diversity of materials, adventurous methods of application and sometimes even an artist’s intent to encourage decay, much of these pieces are very fragile, ageing in ways which keep specialized conservators constantly in need of developing new strategies.


Toronto Art Restoration Inc. treats sculptures of all sizes, indoors or outdoors. Materials treated include (but are not limited to) painted or natural plaster, wood, stone, metals and plastic resin. Services include: Surface cleaning Treatment of mold Consolidation of materials and repair of fractures Replacement of lost elements Creation of mounts and supports for safe display


We offer the following services for archival documents, photographs and fine art on paper at the studio:

Cleaning of accumulated soiling on the surface

Reduction of discoloration and staining

Repair of tears, punctures and other physical damage

Creation of archival enclosures for transport and storage

Custom archival framing